BIRDS-3 Mission Status

BIRDS-3 has 4 main missions; LoRa Demonstration Mission (LDM), Imaging Mission (CAM), Attitude Determination and Control Mission (ADCS) and Software Configurable Backplane Mission (BPB)

1.LoRa Demonstration Mission (LDM)

The mission is aimed to verify on-orbit operation of the RFM95W transceiver by sending data from one module to the other and monitoring the current consumption of each module. The transceivers are functioning as expected on-orbit in all three satellites. No abnormalities have been noticed so far.

Mission status: Medium success (full success is when transceivers function normally until End of Life (EOL) of the satellites).

2. Imaging Mission (CAM)

The CAM mission statement is to take image(s) from space primarily for media and outreach programs. The cameras of all three satellites are taking astonishing photos of different parts of the world. The image gallery can be found here:

Mission Status: Full Success

3. Attitude Determination and Control Mission (ADCS)

The mission statement of ADCS is to stabilize the satellite’s attitude by active control. The mission has been executed in Uguisu satellite, the data are still being analyzed.

Mission Status: Under Testing

4. Software Configurable Backplane Mission (BPB)

BIRDS-3 BPB mission statement is to demonstrate the use of a standard software configurable backplane developed at Kyutech for future CubeSat mission. All software configured connections have been confirmed to be working impeccably.

Mission Status: Medium Success (full success is its normal functionality until End of Life (EOL) of the satellites).