Abhas Maskey

Name : Abhas Maskey

Nationality : Nepalese

Major: BSc. in Mechanical (min.) and Aerospace (maj.) Engineering
MSc. in Aerospace Engineering, Seoul National University (both degrees)

Role in BIRDS-3 :  Appointed as the Project Manager for BIRDS-3 project, my main task is to keep the tight development time schedule while managing the team. As the Project Manager’s work has expanded to design and development from BIRDS-2, I am also taking care of the Imaging Payload. This was a natural step as my Master’s degree thesis was based on scratch camera design for Seoul National University’s QB50 SNUSAT-1/1b CubeSat Project.

Suffice to say, I am incredibly honored to be leading such a diverse team while building the first satellite for Nepal.

Email : maskey.abhas481@mail.kyutech.jp