Dulani Chamika

Name :Withanage Dulani Chamika

Nationality : Sri Lankan

Major: BSc. Mechatronics Engineering, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand   

Role in BIRDS-3 :  In Birds-3 project I’m working on Onboard Computer(OBC)  system. OBC works  as the brain of the satellite. OBC has to execute commands from ground station ,collect and manage housekeeping data, and control subsystems such antenna deployment and  electrical power supply control,  payloads etc.

In addition,  I’m working on Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS). Active attitude control is a mission in BIRDS-3 project.

Moreover I’m working on the mission “Magnetic field density measurement  in  the orbit”. The purpose of this  mission is to collect the magnetic density data  in  the orbit  and create a database.

In addition to these technical activities I coordinate the outreach activities of the BIRDS-3 project. This is my first ever satellite project and I’m so excited to be a part of BIRDS-3.

Email : withanage.dulani-chamika622@mail.kyutech.jp