Press Conference

BIRDS-3 Press Conference was held on 15th February, 2019 just before satellites’ delivery to JAXA. As Nepal’s stakeholder, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology’s new VC, Dr. Sunil Babu Shrestha attended the event.

He said, “Though small in size, constructing and launching a satellite of its own for the first time, is a big step for Nepal. At this point of time, I believe that we are on the verge of accomplishing the mission. Hence, I would like to congratulate and thank everyone including two Nepalese fellows who contributed in every way possible to bring this mission to this stage. I am grateful to the Kyutech family for hosting the project. I wish for the successful launch of the satellites in April and their functioning, before which, we will have prepared a ground station at NAST. ” He also said ” We dedicate this to the people and Government of Nepal. The name of the satellite, Nepalisat-1 is expected to encourage us to launch more satellites in series in the days to come for which we will seek support from Kyutech as well as from the Government of Japan. “

Journalists from many news channels attended the Press Conference

After the Press Conference, Dr. Sunil and the journalists were taken to the clean room where the flight model satellites was displayed.

Flight Models of BIRDS-3 Satellites; Raavana-1, NepaliSat-1 and Uguisu (from the left)